“That Missed Connection”

It can happen when you are walking down the street, at the beach, or at a PBSN event.... Let PBSN help you find that friend.

Send PBSN an e-mail (PBSN@aol.com) or send us snail-mail with a note telling PBSN the event, date and as much information as possible about the person: first name, last name, where they live, occupation....

As part of your e-mail or note to PBSN please provide the following personal information about yourself for our records:




City, State, Zip

e-mail address

Home phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Cell phone number (xxx-xxx-xxxx)

Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy)

Singles status (Widowed, Divorced, Separated, Never Married)


Highest degree earned


As part of your e-mail or as a separate insert with your snail-mail to PBSN, please write a Missed Connection Letter to the individual being contacted. I suggest that you reference how you have previously met and give some information about yourself. Be sure to include your contact information including your home and / or cell phone numbers as not all individuals have e-mail.

If you are using snail-mail, please put your Missed Connection Letter and a $25 (check or money order) into a larger envelope (All letters must have proper postage). Mail to:

PBSN - That Missed Connection
620 Wrensong Rd
Yardley, PA 19067

If you are using e-mail, please call Ralph's secure voice mail 610-348-5544 and leave a message saying that you have sent an e-mail with the information for "That Missed Connection" and then give your credit card number with expiration date for payment of the $25 fee.

PBSN will make a best effort to identify the individual whom you are trying to reach and will forward your contact information via e-mail and / or snail-mail; however, the service fee is payable without regard to the success in completing the connection requested. You will receive a phone call or e-mail providing you with the status of your request.