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What is Professional and Business Singles Network (PBSN)?

Professional and Business Singles Network (PBSN), serving the Greater Delaware Valley Region including Philadelphia (the NJ, PA, and DE Tri-State area) since 1981, is a social and personal growth organization devoted to the welfare and interests of professional and business single individuals. PBSN's Services are organized into three main areas:

- PBSN Events

- PBSN Introductions, Ltd. - An Introduction Service

- PBSN's 8 Date Rotate


PBSN Events:

• Demographics of Participants:

Most events have 40% men and 60% women attending. People come from every walk of professional life, most have a college degree, or have a position with management level responsibilities, or are a business owner. The age group ranges from the early 30's to the late 60's. The average age for an open all ages event is in the early 50's. Generally all ages are represented; however, we do host specific events targeting the 20's 30's and early 40's group in order to provide these individuals with a setting to meet other younger participants. In addition, some events are hosted specifically for the older participants. These events will usually be labeled OVER 40, OVER 45, or 50 Plus Age Group. Attendance will range between 20 and 50 people for an after work social, 25 to 60 for a house party, 100 to 200 for a dance.



Application for organization registration (membership) will be accepted from individuals who have a college degree, or have a position with management level responsibilities, or are a business owner, or are enrolled in an accredited program of higher education leading to a college degree. Please provide additional qualifications that should be considered for acceptance of your application.

Benefits of Annual Registration Card:

* Admission to PBSN activities at lower activity fee

* 1-year subscription to The Singles' Register Events Schedule

$65 PBSN Registration Card (see qualifications):

To obtain your PBSN Registration Card, submit a letter to PBSN, Box 590, Villanova, PA 19085 giving your name, address, home telephone number, office telephone number, e-mail address, birthday (mm/dd/yy), single status (widowed, separated, divorced, or never married), occupation, and highest degree earned and remit with $65 annual fee. Your registration card is valid for twelve (12) months from date of issue.

Membership is not required to participate


• Activities

Dances, house parties, cocktail socials, seminars, workshops, dance instruction, informal discussions, book discussions, cultural events, dinners, unique networking gatherings, tennis, BBQ's, volleyball, hiking, and biking. Some of these events are organized as benefit parties for local charity and not-for-profit organizations like The American Cancer Society, Deborah Hospital Foundation, The Philadelphia Orchestra, The Spayed Club, The March of Dimes, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and the American Heart Association. Cultural events have included a Christmas Trolley Tour of the Historic Fairmount Park Houses in Philadelphia, "DELACROIX: The Late Work" Exhibit At the Philadelphia Museum of Art with brunch, The Philadelphia Orchestra, Longwood Gardens, and the Nicholas and Alexandra Exhibition, and Pennsylvania Ballet. As a public service we also announce select not-for-profit events and programs that may be of interest to our single readership.

Each PBSN event lists a two tier activity fee: $xx/xx, the first indicates the amount paid by a PBSN member, the second gives the amount paid by a nonmember (Guest) participant. A nonmember usually pays $3 to $15 more than a PBSN member to attend.

Please present all passes and special invitation when signing-in, non redeemed later and No Refunds.

PBSN and the facilities are not responsible for any personal property.


• Participation Policies: PBSN Event Policy Information

Our hosts/hostesses have asked PBSN to publish this information as it is always prime party-time. Activity Fees: The event activity fee is often given as $xx/$xx in our activity write-ups. The first amount is the activity fee paid by a PBSN member who has paid the $65 annual registration fee and carries a gold PBSN membership card. The second amount is the activity fee paid by all other participants, a fee often referred to as the Guest Fee. Food / Beverage Contribution: As you know, PBSN has events where partygoers are asked to bring a special hors d'oeuvre, white wine or beer to share. We ask your help in bringing a food or beverage contribution for a number of reasons: * To keep the price of the event down. * Our host(ess) appreciates assistance in preparing and providing food and beverage items for the party. * Participants have an opportunity to show off their culinary talents. * It permits a more varied menu. At house parties the Host(ess) provides non-alcoholic beverages, coffee, potato chips, pretzels, and / or other similar items. PBSN asks that partygoers bring something different. In particular, we are looking for a homemade hors d'oeuvre, a 750ml bottle of white wine, bottled beer or a homemade dessert, pie or cake. For example, an hors d'oeuvre might be a dozen deviled eggs, a tray of sliced veggies with a dip, or a plate of several kinds of cheese including crackers. A store bought cake or pie would also be acceptable. It is not necessary to duplicate the host(ess)'s contribution, for example, a jar of olives or other condiment item, a bag of popcorn, potato chips, or pretzels, or a bottle of soda. Bringing items already provided by the host(ess) does not fulfill your obligation to provide a food or beverage contribution; and you will be asked to contribute the Empty Handers Fee.



PBSN Introductions, Ltd. - An Introduction Service

• Membership is not required to have your Personal Compatibility Profile (PCP) listed with this service.

• Participants list their Personal Compatibility Profile free of charge with this service. Your personal identity is kept confidential.

• Individuals (CLIENTS) choosing to use the service have access to review all of the Profile information on file (more than 3000 individuals from the DE, PA, and NJ Tri State Philadelphia area).

• Our client pays all service fees.

• If our client selects your profile and asks for an introduction, we will send you a copy of our client's profile and request your permission to make the introduction.

• Individuals interested in becoming clients are invited to make an appointment to discuss their objectives, and goals and to learn more about how the program works.

• The first step is to complete and submit your own Personal Compatibility Profile (PCP) with a recent photo.



A new party style is sweeping the Tri-State Area. Eight Date Rotate has a proven success rate.... over 1500 individuals have participated since our first gathering in July 2002.... would you believe - most of them had one or more mutual matches. Some had six mutual matches. That is a fantastic result..... Call me if you have any questions, office 610-805-5827 or cell phone 610-348-5544 or 888-348-5544.

Come meet new friends. You're invited to a new concept in parties - speed dating in the comfort of a member's home or at an upscale fine dining restaurant. A best effort is made to have an equal number of men and women within the published age group. You must arrive promptly as you will receive an assigned rotation among 8 or more participants of the opposite sex, speaking to each other for approximately 7 minutes.

Everyone will receive a name tag and a preprinted sheet (first names only) of whom they will meet. At the end of the rotations, you indicate which individuals you would like to see again. PBSN will contact all attendees by e-mail or snail mail within a few days following the party with their feedback, and will only release contact information if there is a mutual match. We do the follow through, so you don't have to. It's a quick and painless way to detect - then select! Afterwards, you're on your own in terms of contacting those you're interested in, who also expressed an interest in you.

Guaranteed, prepaid reservations are required. (no coupons or passes accepted). To register call our secure answering machine 610-805-5827 (do not include your credit card information in your e-mail communication as e-mail is not secure), identify the event, give the event date, your name, e-mail address for directions, your home phone, cell phone and office telephone numbers and MC, Visa or AE number with expiration. No cancellations within 9 days of the 8DR gathering; No shows will be charged the published activity fee. Registrants agree and understand that there will be no refund for any reason within 9 days of the 8DR gathering or anytime after the 8DR gathering. Also, please e-mail REQUIRED PERSONAL INFORMATION: Address, Single Status (Divorced, Widowed, or Never Married) Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy), Occupation, and Highest Degree Earned. If you have already provided this information in a previous communication, please just give your name, day and evening phone numbers and your credit card number with expiration date when making your reservation. You will receive a confirmation call when your reservation has been accepted. Directions will be sent by e-mail or call PA 610-805-5827, NJ & DE 800-537-3859, select menu #5 and then enter VoiceWorks code to be provided with your confirmation.

PARTICIPATION IN EIGHT DATE ROTATE is open to single individuals who have a college degree, or have a position with management level responsibilities, or are a business owner, or are enrolled in an accredited program of higher education leading to a college degree. Please provide additional qualifications that should be considered for acceptance for participation.